Damian Allen Simms, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

On Wednesday, August 1st, 41-year-old Damian Allen Simms struck a 7-Eleven shop in revenge with a bucket filled with a slurry of human waste, after he was kicked out by the manager for trespassing months earlier.

According to The Smoking Gun, at approximately 1:29 am, Damian entered the 7-Eleven located on MLK St N, St. Petersburg, Florida. Damian was carrying a bucket of human waste, filled with feces and urine. He proceeded to empty the bucket filled with the slurry on the floor of the convenience store, the waste splashed on some of the merchandise, destroying $28 worth of goods.

Officer Donald Ziglar reported that Damian acquired the human waste from a portable toilet, stating  “The defendant threw a bucket of porta potty liquid human feces and urine,”.

The incident was alleged to be a revenge plot as Damian was arrested in late-May for trespassing in the same 7-Eleven.

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