Seal for the FBI Agency. Public Domain image.

Informants working undercover for the FBI, DEA, and other federal agencies in the ‘paid-for-snitching program’ have their own Powerball Lottery to take a chance at.

But the rules involve ‘dirty work at the crossroad’ because the informants don’t stand a chance of winning the Lottery cash unless they snitch on their fellow brethren.

For many years, federal informants have made millions in the ‘I-snitch-on-you game’ in exchange for court testimony against accused defendants in order for the informant to either have their long-term prison sentence significantly reduced or they outright win their freedom for testifying favorably for prosecutors in criminal cases, especially cases where dope trafficking was the crime itself.

The bigger the fish; the bigger the prize money.

The billion-dollar question is: can federal informants be trusted to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them, God?

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