STATE-OWNED diamond miner, Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC)’s gems are back on the market after a seven-month hiatus.

The ZCDC has been on a massive production ramp up spearheaded by a new management team. Last year, for the first time, the diamond company declared a dividend to its sole shareholder, the government.

In an interview, ZCDC chief executive officer Mark Mabhudhu  confirmed the development.

“For the past seven months, we have not been selling our product, but we are now back on the market, which means we will be able to accelerate all our programmes,” Mabhudhu said.

In 2020, ZCDC indicated that 11 local and international sales it had planned did not materialise due to Covid-19 restrictions, after battling government sanctioned moratoriums. The miner had only managed to conduct four sales in 2019 out of the planned 10, a similar number to what it achieved the previous year when it first sold diamonds. ZCDC, which commenced operations in early 2016 did not conduct any sales that year and in 2017.

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