Evidence shows that the P.P.T. (U.S. Gov’t’s Plunge Protection Team)’s trading desk is working behind the scenes to attenuate the rate of decline of global markets. Even with this support, all markets are plummeting, and commodities markets [and nickel, and wheat, etc] are being prevented from free trading across droves of brokers and other exchanges.

When you were a kid, bartering and trading little cards and toys with other kids, what did you do [or what would you have done] if a desperate kid is coming after your nicest little cards and toys? Yes. You quickly retracted your little cards and toys, making a swift pull-back action as you hoard your toys – thereby protecting those assets from them being taken away. If everybody – if every kid – did this at the same time, this is what is called a liquidity crunch. No buyers. Only sellers but nobody to sell to – The End of the Market – where those still trying to sell set their own outlandish prices because there are no market transactions – there is no market data. Only retraction of the assets that you like. The few kids who were lucky enough to hold the nicest assets were the most envied. They just liked the ‘stocks’.

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