Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump was accused by left-wing Democrats (and far too many RINOs) of “coddling dictators.”

In reality, Trump was attempting to bury the hatchet with leaders like Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un because decades of adversarial diplomacy had not produced any progress at all towards making the world safer, since both are nuclear-armed countries.

But at the same time, Trump kept legitimate tyrants at bay including China’s Xi Jinping, the Iranian mullahs, and Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

He removed the U.S. from the Iranian ‘nuclear deal’ Barack Obama sold out to make; he refused to accept the ‘business as usual’ trade approach with Beijing, which entailed America running a trade deficit of hundreds of billions of dollars per year for years; and he cut the U.S. off from Venezuelan oil, the country’s only real export.

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