The Spanish Civil Guard Services, in the region of Murcia, southeastern Spain, arrested four Algerian nationals, aged between 22 and 34 years, who were active in a cell for trafficking in human beings through transporting them from the western Algerian coasts towards the Iberian Peninsula, in addition to their planning to carry out an initial transfer of illegal migrants who arrived in southern France after settling for a few days in the territory of Murcia.

The four Algerians were arrested by the Anti-Illegal Immigration and Forged Documents Services, a security body created by the Spanish authorities affiliated with the Spanish Civil Guard, after in-depth investigations carried out recently, against the background of confessions provided by one of the arrested Algerian immigrants at the beginning of last February about the activity of a secret cell led by Algerians and a Moroccan, who asked illegal immigrants to pay over 1,000 euros in exchange for securing the passage of one person to the south of France.

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