HYPOCRISY: Gov. Whitmer supported the 2020 BLM riots but opposes the Freedom Convoy “And any encouragement for people to replicate this and break the law and devastate our economy is not just devastating to our national bottom line but to individual households…It’s incredibly unhelpful and downright dangerous.”

Despite supporting the 2020 summer Black Lives Matter riots, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said that conservative media supporting the Freedom Convoy protest up north in Canada against COVID-19 mandates is “unhelpful” and “dangerous.”

Whitmer condemned the ongoing Freedom Convoy, although she had a different take in 2020 when violent BLM rioters torched private property, looted businesses, and attacked law enforcement protecting residential communities.
During an interview with CNN political commentator Brianna Keilar on Friday, the Democrat governor said, “We cannot incite and encourage people to break the law. Especially when it means they’re throwing other Americans out of work and creating an economic crisis that we were just recovering from.”

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